perfume reviews


i am a nerd and fragrantica user. here's fragrance reviews. i have a strong tendency to pick compositions that 1. are intense and sweet 2. have their sweetness broken through by sour, bitter or spicy notes. these tend to be controversial and aren't what most people would pick for everyday wear, so make sure to do your research before following any of my recommendations and preferably do your own testing! i only review these i've worn for several weeks at least, and starting with some i have in my collection and have worn for several years. rest assured the reviews aren't based on one whiff at sephora.

  • tom ford - lost cherry
  • tom ford - bitter peach
  • guerlain - insolence
  • guerlain - la petite robe noire
  • givenchy - 3,14
  • lolita lempicka - si lolita
  • herm├Ęs - eau de rhubarbe ecarlate

  • the state of the list will change as more are added

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