guerlain - la petite robe noire

class: eau de parfum

lost cherry

  • top notes: sour cherry, almond, red berries, bergamot
  • middle notes: licorice, rose, tea, taif rose
  • base notes: vanilla, anise, tonka bean, patchouli, iris
  • this is one of my all time favourites -i've adored it since i was 17, although i've been too caught up in gender insecurities to properly wear it until my early 20s. this is a vibrant cherry, entangled in the composition at the first whiff it reminds me of cherry cola - then it develops fully with all the wonderful sourness. the tea sufficiently bitter, the rose fresh and sharp, this is one of the "colder" and less available variants of rose, somewhat green, sweet in a sharp way that irritates one's nose, distant. the cherry is wonderfully, wonderfully sour and not at all synthetic. it's what you get when you split a fresh cherry and let the red juice spill out. someone in a review i read long ago said this fragrance smells like murder. in a way it does provoke associations with blood, despite lacking metallic undertones. the almond and vanilla add a softer kind of sweetness, stabilise it. the patchouli is very gentle, delicate, no smell of "sadwust" or "cemetery" at all; this fragrance does not have a balsamic character, nevertheless it's in there somewhere. the iris probably adds to the sour effect and makes it more playful; this fragrance is very playful in general, something i've worn to parties since it reminds me of summer, fun, carelessness - but not in the way of banal, easy fun, rather in the way of losing control. it's daring. insane nights when anything can happen. passionate evenings. running through the night with a new, interesting lover - that's what this reminds me of. it's intense, refined, well blended, ageless - i wouldn't really attach it to any age category, and i love it. the longetivity and silage are good, although not enormous, and the price are not extraordinarily low, but acceptable - it's also available in most places. highly recommended! worth noting i also own a variation on it, black perfecto, which is very similar to the original, based around sour cherry framed by musky sweet notes, but with addition of leather in the background - it's a sophisticated cherry fragrance and more "androgynous" in perception than la petite robe noire classic, also worth attention.

    longetivity: 4/5 - good.
    sillage: 4/5 - also good.
    quality: 4,5/5 - great quality.
    price: 4/5 - not cheap, but usually adequate to quality.

    overall: 4/5

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