herm├Ęs - eau de rhubarbe ecarlate

class: eau de cologne


  • top notes: rhubarb
  • middle notes: red berries, lantana
  • base notes: white musk
  • i do have to admit - for such a simple fragrance it really does its job; its one of these relatively 'fresh' fragrances built on white musk base, which usually comes off 'lighter' than bases such as elemi or amber. it's a great summer fragrance, youthful and playful, but also carrying an air of elegance and glamour - that it, it does not smell like a perfume for teenagers. it's marketed as unisex - probably appropriate to societal perception, and owed in part to its simplicity. the rhurbarb is refreshing, somewhat 'green', with the sour-sweetness to itself; the red berries enter later and add some sweeter undertones to the sour notes. they work really well with the rhurbarb, the composition is very coherent and particular notes difficult to tell apart. i don't really catch the lantana, but i do believe it's somewhere out there. it's optimistic in vibe and tends to improve my mood, and it's not suffocating whatsoever even in very high temperatures. it has a decent longetivity and sillage. the price is appropriate to quality and brand, not very overpriced; somewhat expensive, but affordable with some saving. i've heard it varies depending on the country though, and can get expensive in some. the bottle design is elegant, universally classy. probably worth keeping as decoration. generally i very much recommend this one.

    longetivity: 3/5 - decent, good on clothes.
    sillage: 3/5 - light, but good for edc.
    quality: 4,5/5 - great.
    price: 4/5 - predictable.

    overall: 4/5

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