would love to live deliciously

hi, my name is whatever you know me as and if you don't know me i can be kotte.

i am an autistic androgynous lesbian with a wide variety of morbid interests.

i'm also a wannabe controversial philosopher and poet, writer, whatever.

opinionated, but apolitical until recently, now in process of figuring things out politically.

not yet decided on labels. critical of a lot of things on principle. transhumanist and immoralist.

irl i am a lesbian in stem kind of, i work in my field, and i want to keep my antics separate. don't take my word as gospel on pretty much anything. keep in mind some parts of this are a sort of journal and lacking context. these parts are meant mostly for personal friends of mine, though anyone can read them.

i am a homosexual adult and zillennial edgelord. i write about 'difficult' topics sometimes, both from the personal and more impersonal, analytical perspective. therefore: this isn't a safe space for minors.

i don't do discourse and i don't virtue signal. i don't police beliefs and fandoms unless you're a nazi. i'm not going to die on the hill of someone's weird fapfolder either, i just have better things to think about generally. by twenty five i've matured enough to learn to block; i recommend this to everyone else.

the page is minimalistic because i'm bad at coding. this might be improved in future, hopefully.

i am one of the 'girlcats' heralded by nietzsche in 'thus spoke zarathustra' and i was reported to interpol.

no porn, but i can't reasonably promise i won't be nsfw. trigger warning for a lot of things.




'we would be monsters'
'the woman who would be emperor'
the end

the final update. thank you!

contact me: femmenietzsche666@gmail.com