tom ford - lost cherry

class: eau de parfum

lost cherry

  • top notes: bitter almond, black cherry, cherry liqueur
  • middle notes: sour cherry, plum, turkish rose, jasmine sambac
  • base notes: tonka bean, vanilla, cinnamon, peru balsam, benzoin, sandalwood, cloves, cedar, patchouli, vetiver
  • i have quite a lot to say about this one since it's my current signature, or at least one of 2-3 signatures. it's supposed to be "unixes", but i honestly don't perceive fragrances in a gendered way and i consider it, frankly, stupid, so moving aside from that. it's definitely a sweet fragrance, but deep and fully, if i may use this word, "saturated". you can actually smell the layer character of it, the base notes ground the composition and enhance intensity, out of these it's mostly benzoin and vanilla that stand out, but at times once can smell tonka bean and cinnamon too when it's dried out after a few hours. it doesn't fluctuate in time very strongly on me, though that of course depends on skin chemistry. all kinds of cherry as well as liqueur notes stand out, the latter remind me of jaggermeister or some kinds of bourbon. almond is there, but in the background. middle notes such as the plum and the turkish rose are difficult to separate from the rest, but add to the complexity. you can definitely say there's some hint of "flowery" sweetness in it too, which can be pinned down on the rose and jasmine. patchouli doesn't stand out. i have a tendency to like sweet fragrances with patchouli in the base, even these in which it is intense, like si lolita by lolita lempicka or angel by thierry mugler, which can be overwhelming with the "sawdust" patchouli, upon my first encounter with angel i thought of a hamster cage (later encounters were more positve). i can grant, however, that in lost cherry patchouli isn't very notable and along with vetiver adds a bit of a sour note to it, saving it from the nauseating kind of sweetness. this sweetness is definitely "deep" and "seasoned", it's bittersweet, nuanced. its parameters are notably good - if applied too liberally, it can be suffocating or irritating on the sensory ground; it's very original, easy to notice and stands out. downside: the price. i can say it's overpriced even for its genunely unique character and insanely high quality. otherwise very much recommended to these who don't mind attention.

    longetivity: 4,5/5 - very good, easily lasts all day.
    sillage: 4/5 - obviously resonating.
    quality: 5/5 - excellent.
    price: 2/5 - overpriced even despite quality.

    overall: 4,5/5

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