givenchy - 3,14

class: unspecified


  • top notes: mandarin orange, tarragon, rosemary, basil
  • middle notes: anise, neroli, geranium, lily-of-the-valley
  • base notes: vanilla, almond, tonka bean, benzoin, cedar
  • this one of few fragrantes marketed to men that i happened to love and wear on myself - i have a preference for sweet fragrances, if i want to smell fresh but personalityless i just use a men's shower gel and no perfume, so usually this isn't what i pursue. men's fragrances are often lacking in variety and complexity, although more decidedly masculine women - i would consider myself androgynous - tend to find appeal in certain, selective compositions, and i enjoy smelling these on them. on the other hands, too, most of these marketed to women are mediocre, so maybe it's not a factor. in any event, pi is intriguing, heartwarming and a mood-improver - it's a base-heavy scent, full of vanilla and sugary notes, particularly these of burnt sugar and something like cinnamon, although it's not technically named among the notes. it kind of smells like a cafe, a cake shop, a place where they're baking something sweet. its sweetness is edible, intoxicating, warm mand incredibly good as an antidepressant, i also notice it tends to provoke more positive attitudes towards the wearer - whoever wrapped in this liquid optimism seems nicer, kinder and more approachable. within that it has a presence of "green" notes, i mean proper, sharp green, of old trees and moss, not grass or young branches. the notes of evergreen plants, the living soil - that's probably why it managed to score the label of "for men" - the contrast is glaring, there's something surprising in this unity between the old, mossy forest and the tiny, cozy cafe where they sell wonderful desserts. in simpler words, it kind of smells like a cake that fell on the ground in the woods. in a good way! i often use this one to comfort myself in the colder months - it's not very good for warm weather, as it gets suffocating, though it can work at night or on a rainy summer day. in general recommended, especially for these looking for a real "edible", cake-like variation of vanilla. additional positive: beautiful bottle!

    longetivity: 4/5 - good.
    sillage: 3,5/5 - good for first few hours, then closer to the skin.
    quality: 4/5 - obviously good.
    price: 4/5 - approachable.

    overall: 4/5

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