"i can't say that i hate them
it's not like i want them to die
i guess i'm bitter - one could say they did
something wrong. i'd much rather
just say they could have done better"

"i don't really hate them
honestly, i miss them quite a bit -
just only at night, when i hear a knock
my heart skips a beat. i prefer to miss them
from a great distance"

"i don't hate them - i mean, how?
i don't remember their face. it was long ago
it doesn't really matter. so many things happened
since. better to think about. move on
there's no use"

"i don't think i hate them, in fact
i would love to see them again. hold their hand
shake it in mine. tell them that i'm fine now
that they are forgiven - completely
for me, not for them"

"i know i should hate them
but i don't. i spent my nights doing
bullet lists of reasons. i know it by heart
i just don't feel it. but i know why
yes, i would like to hate"

truly fascinating
there's so many ways
to hate a human
cutomized and tailored for
variety of human experience

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