likes, dislikes and "kins"

what do i like?

  • being outside at night in summer, quiet summer nights in general and the solitude of night walks

  • the sea/ocean, i like to stare at it, makes me think of the deep and more primordial, millions years old life

  • old historic areas of cities, but not the most busy squares with dumb shops with souvenirs and such. i like narrow alleys where you can still feel the medieval vibe and feel like you time travelled

  • the mountains (particularly the alps) but in summer or spring where it's so peaceful in the solitude way too and everything is clean and clear, i hate the mountains in winter, they get super hostile

  • cafes where they serve fancy pancakes and desserts and you can come there for breakfast and look at the people walking outside. cafes in general, i used to visit one regularly to read philosophy there, near the window looking at people like a typical cat. love me a cafe. having a daiquiri while reading my books

  • out of generalities: running (alone at night preferably), swimming (i'm good at that), singing and karaoke (though i'm not very good at it), italian food, lemonade, sour beer, sour things in general, good wine, carrot cake, perfumes and cute beauty products, halloween, stormy weather and rain when it's warm, everything cat related

  • what do i dislike?

  • stupidity and ignorance (i have a low tolerance)
  • swamps and lakes (give off bad vibes and sap your energy)
  • advertisements
  • team sports
  • the cold
  • cigarette smell
  • crowded places
  • mornings and sundays
  • moralism
  • souvenirs and other useless trinkets
  • melodyless music (gives me migraines)
  • most social media
  • performative activism
  • celebrities (i take no interest in them)
  • uncomfortable, tight clothes
  • dealing with little children
  • doomerism and unproductive pessimism
  • people who don't like cats

  • historic characters

    some (not all) of historic characters i "kin" and sometimes in psychosis believe i'm literally them:

  • arthur schopenhauer
  • marie antoinette
  • mikl√≥s nyiszli
  • alexander suvorov
  • anatoly dyatlov
  • friedrich nietzsche

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