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here are only my philosophy books (past, current and planned), for anything else click here

i'm a nietzschean-freudist mostly and heavily influenced by schopenhauer, although of course i also read others.

it's worth mentioning i've read various things in my life that i currently do not remember since i had an active interest in philosophy since i was 13-14, i often don't remember when and what i read as a kid so i will simply categorise them as "pre-2020" and given time and my memory issues it's sensible to assume this is only part of what i read then - the part i remember and am sure of - so that part of the list will be incomplete while i mostly remember what i read in later years.

  • nietzsche, "thus spoke zarathustra"
  • nietzsche, "human, all too human"
  • nietzsche, "twilight of the idols"
  • plato, "the symposium"
  • plato, "defence of socrates"
  • aristotle, "nicomachean ethics"
  • kant, "critique of pure reason"
  • machiavelli, "the prince"
  • camus, "the myth of sisyphus"
  • this list should also contain some fragments of wittgenstein and marx but lost in time. kant's phenomenology captivated me, although his views on ethics, which he is more famous for, particularly the categorical imperative, are miserable. one time i spoke about him i said it was the intellectual equivalent of intercourse with a goat. you can build a thousand houses before they start calling you the house builder, but have sex with one goat... that's what happened. what i read of aristotle was bad. i don't remember a lot of "nicomachean ethics" but i remember disliking it. later i've heard positive views on aristotle from people i respect so maybe i picked the wrong book.

  • nietzsche, "genealogy of morals"
  • nietzsche, "beyond good and evil"
  • i was not doing a lot about philsophy these years. i was kinda busy. "beyond good and evil" was the worst book of nietzsche's hands down and i even thought i may have overhyped him as a teenager, after confronting him again in adulthood. however i changed that opinion approaching nietzsche again in 2023.


  • nietzsche, "will to power"
  • schopenhauer, "fourfold root of the principle of sufficient reason"
  • hegel, "phenomenology of spirit"
  • freud, "civilisation and its discontents"
  • freud, "three essays on human sexuality"
  • freud, "the economic problem of masochism"
  • freud, "an autobiographcial study"
  • freud, "the psychopathology of everyday life"
  • freud, "the interpretation of dreams"
  • stirner, "ego and its own"
  • freud, "the joke and its relation to the unconscious"
  • i discovered freudism and fell for it and also i read hegel (which i kinda always wanted to do because everyone quotes him and no one actually read him), and a young hegelian stirner, decided it's not for me and have been whining about hegelians since. i approached nietzsche again and decided he was if anything underrated, "beyond good and evil" was simply by his standard bad. freud is definitely my babygirl of 2023.


    2024 so far:
  • freud, "beyond the pleasure principle"
  • freud, "totem and taboo"
  • nietzsche, "la gaya scienza"
  • nietzsche, "the birth of tragedy"
  • schopenhauer, "eristics"
  • reich, "the mass psychology of fascism"
  • for these interested, here's a list of my planned books.

    i've been cultivating reading journals here for the recently read books for a while now, and here are the non-philosophy books (non-fiction as well as remarkable fiction that influence me).

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